XTD HP01 Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charger For Galaxy And iPhone Review

XTD HP01 Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charger For Galaxy And iPhone Review

The XTD HP01 Qi-certified Fast Wireless Charger is a beauty from the first moment you open it. It reminds me of the iPhone X design. With its glass-like material on the front and followed by braized aluminum on the sides and the back. But don’t worry while a clear demographic has been suggested here that doesn’t mean they forgot about Android. It does work with my Galaxy S7 which is indeed a relief. To my surprise, while a nice 5ft Micro USB cable was included for some reason they decided not to include the AC wall adapter. I don’t understand why this is the case but I have ample USB 3.0 ports so it’s not an issue. Maybe every country has their own wall power standards and creating all these different plugs would complicate manufacturing? Although it’s not mentioned if you use USB 2.0 ports then your charging speed will experience a reduction. USB 2.0 can’t supply as much power as the blue plated USB 3.0 ports so be aware of that. If you take a look at the unit you may see a circle in the middle. This is where you want the middle of your phone to go and try not to move it once it’s placed or it may stop charging. If you still are having issues charging ensure the dim blue light that can be seen on the front of the unit is on. This means enough power is being supplied and everything is functioning as expected. I do wish there was a more visible way of accomplishing this but it’s not half bad.

Another interesting issue I experienced with this product and it’s the reason I took a star off. Is look at the title of this product on Amazon. It says QI certified fast charger for galaxy etc. I take this claim very literally and I was expecting to place my phone on this thing and get comparable speeds to my OEM fast charging cable. To my surprise, it’s not as fast which could make some people feel mislead. I do think this industry needs to do away with this fast charging marketing term unless it actually is comparable and in this case and many others it’s simply not. Moving onto a more positive feature I have a very thick Unicorn Beetle case that’s probably thicker than 3mm and to my surprise, the product did in fact work. However, I did notice the product was charging kinda slowly with the case on so I had to take off and it did charge faster. However, my phone did warm up during this process which is quite typical and something I have experienced before. Overall it’s a solid product but experiences many of the same issues as every other fast charger. Personally, I don’t think this industry is ready for primetime it just has too many issues. Very similar to what happened with VR I don’t think that industry is ready either. Which is why I have heard nothing about the Vive or the Oculus in recent memory. Thanks very much for sending me this item for review XTD. Hopefully, you can address these issues in future iterations. No further compensation was provided.


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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 01:59h, 29 April Reply

    Looks good, can it charge through a typical case?

    • admin
      Posted at 02:00h, 29 April Reply

      yes it does

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