Magshion Super Portable Closet Review

Magshion Super Portable Closet Review

The Magshion Super Portable Closet Rack is a pain at first but like most good things in life, it’s well worth the wait if the effort is put in. This product took me around 3 hours to set up 100 percent function. This is going to take you even longer if your physical shape is not so great. However once completed you have a very nice product that provides ample storage, great hanger space and even fits in according to the style of many rooms. Please be aware of the actual dimensions of this product you do need 50 inches of space to put this thing and 67 inches in height which is pretty fair. Whatever your reason is for needing a portable closet in my case my regular closet is used for storage you will not go wrong here although there are definitely some cons that I need to point out down below.

Like I mentioned before you need some physical strength to push the pieces into place and to attach the cloth to each shelf. This task is not impossible however annoying after the second hour. Besides this, the cloth may rip at times if you push too hard so make sure you don’t, applying the finishing cover was not that easy and required planning. However overall if you look at this product at a whole for the price you are getting a very good deal. Looking back I will definitely forget about the hassle and think more about how this product improved my room I now once again have space to hang my clothing.


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