Portta HDMI 4K 2 Port Switch Review

Portta HDMI 4K 2 Port Switch Review

I have the forgotten gem of the latest console generation in the Wii U. The Wii U is a fantastic game console by the way in which numerous classics from Xenoblade chronicles x to Bayonetta 2. Anyway, I only had one HDMI port available on my tv and I had two gaming consoles the Xbox One and the Wii u. I plugged both cables into the input and plugged the output into the tv. It started on the Wii u and it worked great and I clicked the glowing button and within 2 seconds it switched to the Xbox one input. So yes two gaming consoles it works for and that’s great news as I would need to unplug one and put in the other one and it was a pain.

The Portta 4PET0201B HDMI switch is a versatile product with a vanity of uses from using it on a tv that does not have enough HDMI ports or even using it for upscale capabilities to the Ps4 pro which does 4k output and not all TVs can do that naturally. The design of the physical product is quite sweet it’s a black box with an illuminating blue light that can be used as a night light as one other reviewer pointed out but also more importantly as an indicator if the product is working well or not at all which I find beneficial for sure. This product comes with an instruction manual and I’m proud to say I did not need it to review this product which is good news. Overall for the price and the form factor and the usability, it’s the best product in the HDMI switcher market I recommend it.

Before you go let me share a nightmare story I had with a nameless competitor from another site. I got the product and when I started to use it the product would make my tv screen green with white lines and would not work at all with the Xbox One. So do yourself a favor get a named brand switcher yes on other sites you can get it for mad cheap but it’s not worth it when it doesn’t work for name brands this is the cheapest your gonna get yet it still works as good as more expensive ones. Not only that but the company tried to get me to do a review on the product after it arrived which is funny as I used the same email to complain how much the product sucked. This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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